Seven Character Quatrain
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Seven Character Quatrain

September 8, 2014

Video Installation
Collected by Queensland Art Gallery(Gallery of Modern Art)

This is a video-installation work. These simultaneous screens revolve around the inscription of a traditional Chinese painting; the content on the screens consists of blind children reading this inscription. The scenery on both sides is shot in accordance with the scene portrayed in the poem (natural landscape scenery and landscape scenery of ink painting).

Landscape and the blind seem to be a set of opposing terms; here they are abstracted, exaggerated, and contracted. We can also make analogies and imagine the contradictions, which is what interests me.

“Green mountain, hibiscus, purple haze, spring rain, falling petals, rushing stream, human traces, dark moss, stone steps, streams, young grass, tranquil forests, early crow, cave mouth, white cloud, tree colors, ancient temple, straw canopy, peach garden blossoms.“ For most people, these words have an immediate association with images that can be considered conventional and tangible. As for the blind, they are otherworldly and utopian. In their experience they cannot even be called images. What are they then? Perhaps they’re nothing, or anything.

From a certain perspective we are all “blind”; our emotionally and spiritually closed minds are like a “glaucoma” of the soul.